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Novels and Series by George B. Wallace

Alarahramoree Station 

A Chigarahee Imperium Novel

The arrival of the Chigarahee Imperium put an end to all that utter nonsense. For one thing, the Chigarahee did not agree to the proposition. They knew that humans were not "God’s creation. Moreover they knew Earth had not just been created for humans. They also had the wherewithal to move in on "our" real estate, and they had the willingness to use it, to back up their opinions rather decisively. Their arrival, to incredibly understate the obvious, at our solar system, was tumultuous. Not for them. For us.

This novel (in progress) is about fast and forceful contact.

At this time the novel is only six chapters. 23,800 words. That is a fair start. Would you like to participate in creating the last half of the story?

Appaloosa Metallica  

Appaloosa Metallica is a science-fiction mystery about a new invention that gives rise to a new world wide industrial giant, economic upheaval, political and social chaos that affects everyone. Tom Arnott made the discovery, developed the mightiest of all industrial empires, and delivered the death blow to the world's social, economic, and political structure. He tried to repair some of the damage. Then he disappeared, giving up his empire, power, and responsibilities and going into hiding.

He’s been gone a long time. The empire is collapsing.

The story is about the desperate search to find him.

276 pages, 128,700 words

Happy Birthday Earthlings!  

A Galactic Confederacy Novel

The Galactic Confederacy contains fifty-seven sentient species that are members by right of technological development. (Fifty-eight, with us.) i.e. Development of the ability to travel from one star to another. A few of those, very old civilizations, have expanded to additional planets. Altogether, there are one hundred fifty-one planets in the Confederacy.

This novel is about slow and deliberate contact.

134 pages, 53,975 words


Mirage was a rare anomaly of a planet. Captain Lattimer had been disappointed after his discovery to find that its strong magnetic field, and VA belts, usually a strong indicator of a life-bearing, life-supportive planet, had been wrong. Thus the name: Mirage, an illusion. Mirage had once had an atmosphere and oceans and the beginnings of life, then it had nearly all been stripped away by the passage of an, as yet, undiscovered astronomical body. Mirage was basically a sterile rock with a low density atmosphere in the rifts, lower on the plateaus, and some limited water resources.

Mirage, a wholly owned and operated corporate property rises in political revolt.

157 pages, 69,250 words

This book will soon be published as a several part serial on Amazon.com for Kindle.

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