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Adventurers should tread carefully where the map
is blank, for there be lurking monsters and the edge
of the world.
My mission is to bring happiness and entertainment to my readers.

I write science-fiction novels.

I like to write in themes around aliens, first contact, or crisis: natural or man-made.  I refer you to Frank Herbert’s classic volume Dune and the Bene Gesserit test of humanity. The test was one of pain and observation.

My job as a writer is to imagine the test and observe and write about the result.  That is my definition of focused entertainment.

To the extent that I can, I would also like to engage the readers in the process of creation (writing a good novel), that will enhance the entertainment value of the reading experience.

I am an eclectic reader, and I’ve been in love with science fiction since I was 14 years old.  I expect stories and books in the genre to have some element of science as the basic bulwark in the back-story.  As one commenter said, "No dragons, wizards, vampires, zombies, or magic."  

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